PROMEHS is a European KA3 project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union (2019-2022) aimed at developing, implementing, and evaluating a school curriculum to promote mental health at school.

PROJECT COORDINATOR: Prof. Ilaria Grazzani.

DURATION: February 2019 – February 2022.

The Erasmus + KA3 project, involving 8 partners, aims to develop a set of tools for assessing SEL (Socio-Emotional Learning) to be included in the curricula of primary and secondary school.

Italian P.I.: Ilaria Grazzani.

Participants: Veronica Ornaghi, Alessia Agliati, Elisabetta Conte, Valeria Cavioni.

Ph.D. study aimed to deepen the link between social cognition (e.g. emotion knowledge, theory of mind) and receptive language in 149 Italian children aged between 24 and 47 months, and to examine their influence on three varieties of prosocial behaviors, specifically helping, sharing, and comfortingA multi-trait mixed-method approach was used, consisting of direct measures of emotion knowledge, theory of mind, and receptive vocabulary, as well as naturalistic observations in unstructured contexts of free play with peers to detect the frequency of prosocial behaviors.

PROJECT MANAGER: Elisabetta Conte

Ph.D. project aimed at verifying the validity of a program for the promotion of empathy and prosocial behaviors in toddlers.

Ph.D. STUDENT: Elisa Brazzelli (Tutor: Ilaria Grazzani)

The study aims to investigate mental health in a sample of adolescents analyzing school relationships, resilience, life satisfaction and school success as predictors of mental health.

PROJECT MANAGER: Valeria Cavioni