PhD in Psychology of Communication and Language Processes. She teaches Intercultural Pedagogy at the Department of Psychology (University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan – Italy). Her main research interests are: psychology of emotion and psychology of culture.

Selected Publications

Grazzani, I., Agliati, A., Ornaghi, V. (2014). The impact of story-based conversations on nursery’s school children’s psychological lexicon. In IASCL Book of Abstract– 13th International Congress for the Study of Child Language, (pp.332), Amsterdam, July 14-18.

Agliati, A., Grazzani, I., Ornaghi, V. (2013). Promoting toddlers’ emotion  socialization: The use of emotional-state language at the nursery school. In 16th ECDP- European Conference on Developmental Psychology. Program (pp. 96), Losanna, September 3-6.

Grazzani, I., Agliati, A., & Ornaghi, V. (2013). Toddlers’ emotion socialization at nursery school: A conversational intervention using psychological language. In ISRE 2013. Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Research on Emotions. Program (pp.20-20). Berkeley, 1-8 agosto : © Copyright 2013 SPLtrak, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Agliati, A., Vescovo, A., &  Anolli, L. (2006). A new methodological approach to nonverbal behaviour analysis in cultural perspective. Behavior Research Methods, 38, 364-371