15 May 2018

SEMINAR: Prof. Marco Ferreira (ISEC Lisboa – Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências) on “Qualitative research in educational contexts. Studies in Portuguese schools” (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)

15 February 2018

SEMINAR: Prof. Dorit Aram (Department of School Counseling and Special Education (School Education, Tel Aviv University) on Animation and musical elements in e-books: Effects on children’s general and mental understanding

4-6 Gennaio 2018

BCCCD 2018, Budapest – annual conference organised by the Cognitive Development Centre at the Central European University (CEU, Budapest) on cognitive development themes (social cognition, communicative and linguistic development, development of executive funcitons, etc..)

29 Agosto – 1 Settembre 2017

18th European Conference on Developmental Psychology

– 6-7 Luglio  2016

CERE Emotion Conference 2016 – Leiden, The Netherlands – http://www.cere-emotionconferences.org/

Elisabetta Conte, Ilaria Grazzani, Alessandro Pepe: Emotion comprehension, language, prosociality, and temperament in 2- and 3-year-olds: Preliminary results from an Australian sample

Veronica Ornaghi, Ilaria Grazzani, Claudia Caprin & Flavia Ottoboni: The relation between preschoolers’ emotion comprehension and their prosocial behavior: the role of age and language

– 24 May 2016

SEMINAR: Dorit Aram, University of Tel Aviv – Shared Book-reading and Preschoolers’ Socio-emotional Development. Introduction by Prof.  Laura Formenti, Ilaria Grazzani e Elisabetta Nigris

– 13 May 2016

COLLOQUIUM: Ilaria Grazzani, Jens Brokmeier, at Institute Jean Nicod  (CNRS), Paris, France