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STAR BENE A SCUOLA. La sfida del futuro

3 Settembre 2020, 16:00-19:00

The webinar will present the European project PROMEHS: Promoting Mental Health at Schools, coordinated by the University of Milano-Bicocca, and it will help us think about the importance of mental health and well-being at school.
Valeria Cavioni (Young Researcher, UNIMIB): “PROMEHS: Un progetto Europeo per promuovere la salute mentale a scuola
Matteo Lancini (Psychologist and Psychotherapist, President of the “Minotauro” Foundation in Milan): “Docenti e genitori autorevoli ai tempi del Coronavirus”
Emanuela Confalonieri (Professor of Developmental and Educational Psychology, UNICATT): “Benessere psicologico in tempi di Coronavirus: quali ingredienti per quale sviluppo?”
The webinar is free and open to all, but you need to register here.
Teachers who will attend will receive the certificate of attendance.

The National Conference “KNOW YOURSELF. Socio-emotional learning at school” took place on the 19th of February 2020 at the Italian Senate in Rome. The Conference has been organised by the Senator Bianca Laura Granato. The Italian Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, sent a video-message to all the participants.

The Conference has been an occasion for different professionals whose work is somehow linked to the socio-emotional aspects of learning in school contexts to discuss the state of the art, the projects, the studies and the experiences with respect to the promotion of wellbeing of children, adolescents and teachers at school.

Lab-PSE presented the work mostly linked to the Learning to Be and the PROMEHS EU projects.


Italian Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, on socio-emotional learning at school

Final Conference of the Learning to Be project: “From research results to their impacts on socio-emotional learning at school”

On January 22nd of January, the Conference “From research results to their impacts on socio-emotional learning at school” will be held in Milan and it will be open to all teachers, social workers, head teachers and educators.

The Conference will present the results of the Learning to Be project, lead by the University of Milano-Bicocca, and it will analyse its impacts on the promotion of innovative policies in the socio-emotional learning at school area. The conference will do this keeping in mind the global approach to health promoted by the Network of Schools for Health in Europe (WHO) and developed by the program “Schools that promote Health” and the link network of LO,bardy schools.

The Conference is free by registration is required. To register, please click here.

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19th European Conference on Developmental Psychology

Athens, 29 August – 1 September 2019
Elisabetta Conte and Veronica Ornaghi propose the Symposium “Early childhood development of theory of mind in typical and atypical samples: Associations with language and social abilities” and present the contribution entitled “The association between emotion knowledge and theory of mind in early years: The role of language abilities”.
Elisabetta Conte presents the contribution “The determinants of helping and sharing behaviors: A study with toddlers and preschoolers” in the Symposium “Prosocial child: Contextual and cultural factors that influence children’s prosocial and moral behavior”.
Veronica Ornaghi proposes the Symposium “Caregivers’ mind-mindedness in family and out-of-home contexts: Methodological perspectives” and presents, together with Alessia Agliati, the contribution entitled “How early-childhood teachers’ mind-mindedness relates to their beliefs on emotions and their emotion socialization styles”.
During the poster session, Veronica Ornaghi presents the work “Parental socialization of prosocial development: Psychometric properties of the Parental Prosocial Practices Questionnaire (PPPQ)” and Alessia Agliati presents the poster “Exploring school mental health, student-teacher relationship, and school climate among adolescents: Results of a survey study in Italy”.
Conference Website

7th ENSEC Conference

Budapest, 29-31 August 2019
Ilaria Grazzani attends the Conference as Keynote speaker and presents a contribution entitled “Social and emotional competence in early years education: The impact of intervention programs on young children’s development”.
Valeria Cavioni presents a contribution entitled “The PROMEHS project: A comprehensive multi-component curriculum to promote mental health in schools” in the Symposium “Interventions for mental health”.
During the poster session, Valeria Cavioni also presents the work “Exploring mental health in schools among adolescents in Italy”.
Conference Website


University of Malta, 12-13 luglio 2018

BCCCD 18: Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development

Budapest, January 4-6, 2018

The eighth annual BCCCD organized by the Cognitive Development Center at CEU (Budapest) on cognitive development (comparative cognition, cognitive bases of culture, biological bases of cognition, conceptual learning, perceptual learning, early social cognition, language acquisition, executive functions, etc.).